Nilesh Deoghare 5 star google review for great nation nz

Nilesh Deoghare says:

When a person seeks Immigration advice, I believe he is looking for these points to be fulfilled:
• In & out understanding of complicated Immigration process.
• Understanding of the requirements of the case and advice accordingly
• Most importantly, should be easily approachable to discuss the matter and resolve issues timely.

And I bore the same when I approached Great Nation NZ and they matched all parameters.
I am extremely happy with Mr. Pavan and the team in the way they look after my case. Their approach was extremely professional and gracious. I am 100% sure they understand immigration laws very well and their advice works really well to get things done swiftly.

Our reply:

It is a pleasure to be appreciated for the efforts we put in when students come to us for guidance in immigration, Nilesh. Thanks for the critical assessment of our services in helping students who want to study, work and settle abroad.

As a team, we try to ensure we are aware of the complex immigration laws, especially the latest changes in the laws, of many countries such as USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and others. When students approaches us for immigration, we first gather all the academic and work details from them and understand their requirements.

We keep in constant touch with the students as we guide the students take the steps to get their student visa.

We ensure they meet the various requirements to comply with the immigration laws of the country in which they seek to pursue their Master’s or postgraduate courses.

We always feel a tremendous sense of responsibility when a student comes to us for guidance to study abroad. The student is depending on us for the right advice for their higher studies, their career, their future. The trust imposed in us by students for helping them plan their future course of life in a foreign country pushes us to live up to the highest professional, ethical standards students expect of overseas education consultants.




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