Here are a few options to earn while studying in New Zealand

Students often take Student Loans from Banks or from private financiers to finance their studies. Some of the parents dissolve their savings to fund the living and studies of their children. Is there any way or reducing the burden?

While getting scholarships is one way of reducing the burden, the other is for the students to earn while they are studying. While working on one hand puts money into the student’s pocket, it also helps them to gain valuable experience or earning a part of their living. While studying can be an activity that can be done in isolation or seclusion, work often involves being part of a team. This helps the student to hone their communication, interpersonal, teamwork and other important skills needed for adult life. It also teaches them to juggle multiple roles and achieve a balance in the roles.

There are many kinds of work opportunities available for students studying in New Zealand. Some of the institutions where they enroll for their studies may themselves offer work opportunities, like teaching, tutoring, academic help, or duties in the administration departments. A person having Student Visa can take up twenty hours of work per week during term time and full days during holidays. Those pursuing Master’s and Ph.D can take up full time work during both the term time and during scheduled holidays. If the student has already taken up any work in their home country, it is a good idea to take the experience certificate from their employer.

There are strict rules in New Zealand protecting the rights of those employed. Those not interested in earning but wish to gain experience and want to contribute to the society and be a part of the community can also take up voluntary work.