Although New Zealand is the same size as United Kingdom or Japan or Uttar Pradesh, the population is less than that of Hyderabad! So there is plenty of space for everyone. Most of the cities and town in New Zealand are small and thinly populated. You get plenty of fresh air to breathe for yourself! One is never very far from open spaces, mountains, and beaches in New Zealand. No doubt this country consistently scores high on Quality of Living standards year after year. New Zealand offers enough by the way of adventure sports too to those inclined towards it be it bungy jumping, skydiving, jet boating, hiking or cycling.

New Zealand enhances your quality of living by offering cultural variety by way of music shows, theatre, films, dances, festival, sports events etc. Global Peace Index which ranks the countries of the world by how safe they are for ordinary citizens ranked New Zealand as the second most safe country in the world. One of the most peaceful countries in the world it enhances the serenity of living all around. The country is so peace-loving, there are no dangerous animals in New Zealand! It is a bird lovers paradise. Make that sea-bird lovers paradise!