Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level-8)

Pavan and Sowjanya, I would like to take few minutes of your time to let you know that you had done a wonderful job throughout my ‘Student Visa’ process. Though I had done my research on each and every part, when I landed at your doorstep, you had given all the true information and genuine suggestions which made me to commit and work with you. Starting with arranging documents, Sowjanya helped me with all the necessary things required to lodge the application. So the application went smoothly and no questions back from ‘Immigration’. It shows what commitment you guys have when dealing with clients. I would also like to give a BIG THANKS to Pavan, since he is the one who made it happen with all his brilliant suggestions in terms of ‘Financial Planning’, ‘Travel Planning’, what not!!! Whenever I ping you in WhatsApp for any query any time, you never took more than few minutes to reply. It shows your customer relations skills!! You helped me in addressing all my personal and professional queries without hesitation, like an elder brother. Your True, Genuine and Professional services will take you to great heights for sure. Keep It Up!!!

I know GreatNationNZ is an official partner of EIT, but I should also thank Mr. Shiva Guda for referring you. Without him I would have missed great people in my life. When I was in confusion in choosing consultancy he suggested the right one at right time. Definitely this is not an end, but I would like to be in touch to continue our relationship. From bottom of my heart, I really appreciate and thankful to you for all your Professional Services.