Use your creativity to explore construction principles and technology when you specialise in architectural technology. Our degree will give you the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the architectural design profession.

During the first two years of the programme we will take you through foundation studies in drawing, computer-aided design, building design and related sciences. You will also study building legislation and codes as they relate to architecture.

In your final year you will specialise in architectural technology with a focus on technological subjects such as:

  • Construction and Technology
  • Architectural Science
  • Computer aided design

You’ll spend about 40 hours a week in practical workshops, lectures and undertaking your own independent research and practice. It’s pretty much a 9-5 timetable. In your first year of study you can expect to spend about 20-25 hours per week in class and 15-20 hours in independent study.

English requirements:


SPEAKING: 6.0     READING: 6.0     WRITING: 6.0     LISTENING: 6.0