We at Great Nation NZ offer the complete package necessary for students to study abroad at top quality institutes in New Zealand. We will begin with career counselling sessions, in which we will play an active role in helping students decide the best academic path to pursue while studying in New Zealand. Careful consideration is given to each student’s past academic endeavours and future job options which might open up to them after they finish their education in New Zealand.

Great Nation NZ provides top notch coaching services which give students access to full facilities, professional faculties and a learning oriented atmosphere. After students receive the necessary coaching, our professionals at Great Nation NZ will guide them on selecting the appropriate university. While helping students with university selection we understand that every student is different and take into account various different factors which will all be evaluated on a personal basis.

After students select the university in which they would like to study at, we help them with their application form. Great Nation NZ helps the student apply in a professional and well presented fashion. Once the application process has been completed, we diligently follow up with the university to ensure a prompt and clear response from them.

Subsequent to students gaining admission in the respective university of their choice, our experienced tutors at Great Nation NZ also guide them with the process of applying for a visa. The services we offer students are detailed in the links below.

Future-proof Career Counselling
Explore with our experts to find the suitable, best course you should study in  New Zealand to give you, wide-ranging, future-proof, great international career choices.
We provide excellent coaching services with full facilities and a study friendly atmosphere which includes access to a library.
University Selection
Candidates several times get dazed by the multitude of institutions available for selection. We help them pick a suitable university to study at.
Application Assistance
We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well presented application.
Visa Guidance
Once the offer letter arrives and the Institute has confirmed student’s admission an application for student visa has to be made.