Advertising, marketing and communication design for both page and screen are major employment areas. Learn how to generate ideas, solve problems and design innovative solutions in these challenging fields.

This programme aims to develop the student as an independent designer. Core skills taught include design strategies, graphics, branding and communication, typography, art direction, drawing and illustration. In addition, students will choose three courses from a range of electives, which will enable them to develop complementary skills in particular areas of interest.

As well as studio courses, students will complete a group of core courses in academic subjects. These include both professional and contextual studies, which will give them developed communication skills, a background in the history and sociology of creative practices, insights into contemporary professional ethics and some business skills.

To complete this Degree you are required to complete a minimum total of 360 credits.

English requirements:


SPEAKING: 6.0     READING: 5.5     WRITING: 5.5     LISTENING: 6.0