Take your analytical mind and compassionate nature into a rewarding role in the health sector with our Bachelor of Medical Imaging. Ongoing advances in technology mean this is an ever changing environment where skilled professionals are in high demand.

Using x-rays and other equipment to take images of people’s injuries and possible diseases you will learn how to perform radiography and understand how CT scanning, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, nuclear medicine, mammography, contribute to patient diagnosis and treatment.

You will also develop the communication skills needed to deal with patients in a compassionate way.

To meet the demanding standards the profession requires, our degree combines clinical practice with theory to make your training more valuable and assist with the transition from trainee stage to becoming a qualified Medical Radiation Technologist.

You will be on clinical placement for approximately 60 weeks during your studies. We have a wide range of clinical sites in cities around New Zealand.

To get an insight into medical imaging careers prior to your application for this programme you can make a request to take part in a work shadowing experience in the radiology department at the hospital.

In our most recent graduate survey, 93.3% of 2016 Bachelor of Medical Imaging graduates were in employment (Ara Graduate Outcome Survey, 2016).

To complete this Degree you are required to complete a minimum total of 360 credits.

English requirements:


SPEAKING: 7.0     READING: 6.5     WRITING: 6.5     LISTENING: 7.0