If you are seeking a career at sea as a marine engineer, launch your training in the best facility New Zealand has to offer. Our first rate qualifications in marine engineering and our worldwide reputation for producing the best trained cadets and graduates will take you anywhere in the world.

Our engineering graduates attain sought after job placement and cadetships because our students are trained in a full mission engine room simulator and graduate with hands on experience using real equipment. Your classroom window is the Ports of Auckland and when you graduate you will have been studying and working in and around the port, worked with mentors in the industry and met many prospective employers.

Progress to being in charge of engineering and technical departments on the most complex and technologically advanced ships.

Develop advanced knowledge plus analytical and problem-solving skills to become a highlevel trouble shooter whose resourcefulness will be called on time and again. Build on your specialist knowledge to take charge of some or all operations, and lead teams of engineers.

This course is offered to students at the New Zealand Maritime School of the Manukau Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

Entry Requirements: IELTS 6.0 (academic).

Great Nation NZ offers practical guidance to students on enrolling for the Marine Engineer Class 1 course at the Manukau Institute of Technology in New Zealand. To avail of our coaching contact us by filling out the contact form on this website, calling us or walking into one of our centers.