Enjoy small classes, plenty of field trips and a friendly atmosphere

Learn about our amazing wildlife and our fascinating environment, and find out why it is in danger and what we can do to help. Share the journey with the inspiring team of experts from NorthTec and be informed.

The Environmental Management pathway at NorthTec offers three qualifications in three years:

  • After one year of study: New Zealand Diploma in Environmental Management (Level 5)
  • After two years of study: New Zealand Diploma in Environmental Management (Level 6)
  • After three years of study: Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Management)

What will I learn?

This is the next step after the New Zealand Diploma in Environmental Management (Level 6) and will help you gain advanced knowledge of ecological, conservation and environmental management. You’ll be directly involved in the protection and restoration of local natural, rural and urban environments. You’ll also develop vital research skills in field techniques, data analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking.

You will gain:

  • A solid background in ecology, conservation, and environmental management.
  • Vital skills in field techniques, data analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • The chance to make valuable contacts within your chosen field through work placement and research.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of, and some solutions to, regional, national and global challenges to biodiversity management.
  • The ability to engage appropriate resources for environmental investigation and critique social, cultural and policy frameworks and how they influence management decisions.
  • Practical skills to monitor ecosystems and analyse, comprehend and evaluate result

Career Opportunities

  • Wildlife management
  • Biosecurity officer
  • Restoration ecology
  • Conservation/biodiversity officer
  • Ecology consultant
  • Consent management and monitoring
  • Environmental educator
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Scientist
  • Postgraduate study

English Language requirements:

  • An international English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall academic score of at least 6.0 (with at least 5.5 in each band) issued within the last two years.

Great Nation NZ offers practical guidance to students on enrolling for the Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Management) course at the NorthTec in New Zealand. To avail of our coaching contact us by filling out the contact form on this website, calling us or walking into one of our centers.