About this programme

Professionally-trained social workers are always in demand throughout Northland and New Zealand. Our degree programme is aimed at preparing you for the workplace and has a focus on how to practice in a culturally safe manner, being critically reflective and maintaining self-care strategies including ongoing professional supervision.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills required in a competent social worker within the context of ethical practice and accountability. On completion you will receive the Bachelor of Applied Social Work – an approved qualification on the Social Worker Registration Board’s schedule for applying to become a registered social worker.

Over the course of the programme, you will not only focus on the theory, but also actively carry out fieldwork in different areas of practice.

This degree responds to the specific and current demands of social services within Te Tai Tokerau as well as meeting national requirements. It will produce practitioners able to respond to constant change. A commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and a global focus ensures our graduates are skilled and knowledgeable about a range of global issues which impact on Aotearoa New Zealand. Students will become equipped to effectively communicate and work within cross cultural and intercultural situations.

What you will learn

Graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Social Work will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a bi-cultural context and acknowledge the centrality of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to social work as a profession and in practice
  • Apply anti-oppressive social work values, knowledge and skills to complex situations to stimulate personal and social change in a range of work and social contexts
  • Have the ability to work with individuals, families or whānau, communities and groups from diverse ethnic, cultural and indigenous backgrounds
  • Demonstrate resilience and the ability to manage interpersonal conflict and challenges that arise in the context of social work practice
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the origins, purpose and development of Aotearoa New Zealand social work within a global context
  • Demonstrate professional literacy and numeracy, critically evaluate scholarship, critique and apply diverse knowledge and research to social work practice
  • Demonstrate an ability to think critically, and effectively analyse, synthesise and apply information
  • Demonstrate the ability to work autonomously and make independent judgment from a well-informed social work position
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with others in multi-disciplinary teams, organisations and communities
  • Demonstrate a critical reflective approach to individual social work practice through supervision, peer review and self-evaluation
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise own learning needs and participates in continuing professional development
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively utilise ongoing professional supervision and a commitment to continuing professional development
  • Demonstrate understanding of, and ability to, integrate sustainability and contemporary social, political, psychological, economic, legal, environmental, cultural and indigenous issues within Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally into both social work as a profession and practice
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the level of skills, knowledge, information, attributes and abilities of a new social work graduate

English Language requirements:

  • An international English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall academic score of at least 6.5 (with at least 6.5 in each band) issued within the last two years.

Great Nation NZ offers practical guidance to students on enrolling for the Bachelor of Applied Social Work course  at the NorthTec in New Zealand. To avail of our coaching contact us by filling out the contact form on this website, calling us or walking into one of our centers.