The Master of Computing course duration is 2 years full-time (part-time options available). This is Level 9 programme.

The Master of Computing programme will develop high level of analytical, research, strategic planning and project management skills in you. It improves your ability to design, plan and organise technology based projects.

Entry Requirement: A recognised Bachelor’s degree  in the discipline of computing or an equivalent professional qualification in a relevant field. Or a postgraduate diploma in a discipline relevant to your proposed programme of study, with an average grade of B- or higher.

In English language, you need 8 credits at NCEA level 2 (4 in reading, 4 in writing).

For further guidance in pursuing Master of Computing at the Unitec University campus Mt Albert, New Zealand, contact us at Great Nation NZ by filling out the contact form on this website, calling us or simply walking into one of our centers. We are committed to making your academic dreams come true.