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Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging: Become a professional in the visual arts field

The Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging will equip you with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies required for working in, and contributing to, today’s global creative industries. Through this course you will gain comprehensive knowledge in the fields given below:

  • 3-D Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Video
  • Visual journalism

Students are able to gain considerable mastery in the visual arts field due to having access to latest technologies along with the experiential work integrated learning system which is provided by the Universal College of Learning.

This course is offered at the serene Palmerston North campus of the Universal College of Learning in New Zealand.

Would you like to sculpt a career out of the visual arts? This course offers you a solid gateway into the professional world of creative visual arts. Contact us at Great Nation NZ for practical guidance on enrolling for the Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging course at UCOL, New Zealand. To reach us simply fill out the contact form on this website, call us or walk into one of our centers.