A student with a degree in education can take their studies to the next level by becoming an expert in their area of interest in education. A Master’s degree in Education at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand is meant for educators, policy makers and for those who are interested in a specific field to fit around their work commitments. The Master of Education can be either be completed by coursework only, or by a combination of coursework and a thesis or dissertation.

A student can tailor their studies depending on their career goals and commitments.

Entry requirements: To enroll into this programme, a student should have a bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology or in a related discipline.  A degree or a diploma in teacher education with an average grade from a reputed university or institute have an equal weightage for a student to get enrolled into the Master of Education.

An IELTS score of 6.5 with no band score lower than 6.0 is required.

Overview: The master of education gives students to choose from many fields of specialisations – autism and developmental disabilities, child and adolescent wellbeing, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, digital futures and learning environments, early years, education for sustainability, policy, …, etc.

The duration of the Master of Education is 3 trimesters (12-18 months). The course can be completed part-time also. It is conducted in Wellington Campus. A student can also start the course online from any city within India and complete it in the Wellington Campus, New Zealand. The Master’s course is scheduled during day and evening lectures or anytime online. The course commences on 11 June 2022, 14 Nov 2022, and 27 Feb 2023.

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