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Bachelor of Design: Become a professional in visual communication or fashion design

The Bachelor of Design course has been drafted to meet the needs of the creative industry nationally and internationally by allowing students to develop skills in creativity, innovation and design.

Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Design programme will be capable of applying their creative problem solving and solution design skills in multiple professional spheres. The creative industry in New Zealand is at the forefront of innovation and will bolster many future careers.

Students can choose from two main strands which include:

  • Visual communication: The digital world is in a constant flux, continually evolving, thus designers constantly find the need to adapt and upgrade their knowledge in order to keep pace with technological advancements. Students will gain practical, creative and critical skills to find effective design solutions while being educated on how they can keep pace with the rapidly changing technical requirements.
  • Fashion Design: This strand focuses on preparing the student for a career in the global fashion industry with an emphasis on design and the commercial business of fashion. The course provides an environment that allows the students to develop their individual ideas and become proficient in construction and pattern making.

This course is offered at the Hamilton City campus of the Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

Entry requirements: IELTS 6.0 across all bands or equivalent. An independent interview and written language test may also be required as part of the selection process.

For further guidance on enrolling for the Bachelor of Design course at WINTEC, New Zealand, contact us at Great Nation NZ by filling the contact form on this website, calling us or walking into one of our centers.