When planning to study in New Zealand, you should always check if your particular study programme will result in you obtaining a qualification on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF). The New Zealand Qualification Framework is a system set by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) which is a government organisation that sets standards for secondary and tertiary education in New Zealand.

If the course you plan to pursue leads to a qualification which is recognized under the NZQF then it means that your qualification is recognized by the Government of New Zealand. Qualifications of this kind are internationally recognized because of their high standards.

The NZQF is divided into 10 levels and they cover a range of qualifications from certificates to doctoral degrees. Given below is a table which attempts to give you an overview of the different levels of qualifications in New Zealand.

Level 1Certificate--
Level 2Certificate--
Level 3Certificate--
Level 4Certificate--
Level 5CertificateDiploma-
Level 6CertificateDiploma-
Level 7Graduate CertificateDiploma, Graduate DiplomaBachelor's Degree
Level 8Postgraduate CertificatePostgraduate DiplomaBachelor Honours Degree
Level 9--Master's Degree
Level 10--Doctoral Degree


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