Uday Kumar Jangili gives us 5 stars on Google reviews

Uday Kumar Jangili says:

My name is Uday, it was a visa denial for me in my first attempt for Nz student visa, as I am not strong fighter kind of one, I thought of giving it up, but the guys at Great Nation NZ are not like that, they have got tough spirit, they have trained me to see good in everything, and also made positivity as my choice. Then I made it in my second attempt and also made it very simply.
Now am doing my Postgraduate Diploma in ITSM at ATMC(NMIT) campus in Auckland.How ever complicated your file is… Great Nation NZ at KPHB Hyderabad can make it simple for you to achieve your goals easily….. 🇮🇳✈️🇳🇿.

Our reply:

Thanks for pointing out how we help and motivate students to ensure they achieve their goal of studying in New Zealand.


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