Viticulture is the science of production and systematic study of grapes, it involves cultivating the common grape vine which has a great adaptability to new environments. Due to the adaptability of the grape vine plant it is cultivated commercially in almost every continent in the world.

Students pursuing viticulture oriented courses learn about grape growing, pest control, canopy development techniques, fertilization, irrigation techniques, fruit characteristics, harvest periods and vine pruning. They are closely involved with wine scientists because vineyard management is closely linked to the quality of produce, which eventually influences the grade of the wine made by the wine scientists.

Wine science is the science of production of wine from the grape vine plant. Wine science deals with creating great wines with a variety of different flavours and textures.

Wine science is pursued by students who want to build a career out of wine production using produce from vineyards. Students will learn the art and science behind the making of wine, wine marketing, vineyard assessment and wine valuing.

Given below is a comprehensive list of viticulture and wine science courses offered for students who want to study in New Zealand. Great Nation NZ’s professionals have divided them according to the institute offering the course and the level of the course for convenience sake.

Eastern Institute of Technology

ProgrammeStart DateLengthLevelCampusFees(yr)IELTS
Bachelor of Viticulture19 Feb, 23 Jul3 years7Napier₹1,003,0256.0
Bachelor of Wine Science19 Feb, 23 Jul3 years7Napier₹1,003,0256.0
Bachelor of Viticulture and Bachelor of Wine Science(Concurrent Degree)19 Feb, 23 Jul4 years7Napier₹1,003,0256.0
Graduate Diploma in Viticulture19 Feb1 year7Napier₹1,165,2206.0
Graduate Diploma in Oenology19 Feb1 year7Napier₹1,165,2206.0
Graduate Diploma in Business(Wine Marketing)19 Feb, 7 May, 23 Jul, 15 Oct1 year7Napier₹931,2216.0

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

ProgrammeStart DateLengthLevelCampusFees (yr)IELTS
Bachelor of Aquaculture and Marine Conservation25 Feb 20193 years7NelsonRs.853,1336.0
Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking23 Jul3 years7MarlboroughRs.853,1336.0